Structural Precast

Custom structural precast concrete solutions for any project

Multicrete Precast gives architects, engineers, developers, and general contractors the ability to fully customize all of our Structural Precast Elements, giving you more flexibility with your project and budget. Tired of waiting on the weather for your build timeline? Structural precast also offers year-round installation so that you no longer have to wait on the temperature to keep moving ahead.

Precast Concrete Structural Beam in Warehouse
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Structural Precast Concrete Hollowcore Panels

Hollowcore precast concrete provides strength and durability while reducing overall weight and material costs. Using pre-stressed materials, Hollowcore precast slabs are denser and more stable than poured-in-place concrete slabs, giving you more flexibility in how and where they are used. Plus, by using inorganic materials, Hollowcore products enhance the overall fire resistance ratings of your project.

Structural Precast Concrete Columns
Precast Columns

Multicrete’s Precast concrete columns offer a cost-effective and durable structural support option for multiple uses and installations. Ready when you are, our Precast Columns can be installed and weight-bearing in a fraction of the time that poured concrete typically takes.

Structural Precast Concrete Piles
Pre-Stressed Piles

Pre-Stressed Piles offer a preferred choice for permanent foundations. Where needed, piles can also be spliced together on-site to reduce transportation barriers and solve complex engineering problems.

Especially useful for resistance to corrosion, pre-stressed piles are an adaptable and economical solution for most long-term foundational installations.

Structural Precast Concrete Balconies
Precast Balconies

Precast Balconies are a fast, durable, and affordable alternative to organic or poured concrete installations. Made with pre-stressed or conventionally reinforced materials, precast balconies offer a low-maintenance, fire resistant, and durable solution for residential, commercial, or industrial installations.

Multicrete Precast Concrete Insulated Wall Panels
Insulated Wall Panels

Precast concrete insulated wall panels offer a quick, environmentally friendly alternative to building envelope construction with minimal site disturbance.

Offering design flexibility with rapid installation, precast concrete insulated wall panels deliver an energy-efficient, durable building envelope, including exterior membrane, moisture barrier, insulation and interior finish.


Precast Concrete Beam on Truck
Precast Beams

Multicrete Precast’s Beams offer the perfect support structure for a range of deck members. Based on your structural needs, make use of pre-stressed or reinforced materials to provide a highly durable and strong support base.

Precast Concrete Double-Tees

Our precast Double-Tee products are the perfect solution for parking structures, roofs, and floors where long spans or load bearing capabilities are required. Able to run up to 80 feet or more in length and 15-feet wide, they are an ideal solution where wide-open spaces are required. They also make a strong structural base for pools, bridges, and parking structures.

Made of pre-stressed concrete, our Double-Tees are in-house tested, and CPCQA certified for durability and strength so you can trust that you have the best possible materials for your major project.

Structural Precast Blast Walls
Blast Walls

Designed for blast and fire resistance, our precast Blast Walls are used for a range of temporary or permanent installations including military, government, and other structures requiring the highest level of protection and resilience. Made of pre-stressed, reinforced, or refractory concrete, Blast Walls can be made up to 800mm in thickness and are the perfect solution when you require the absolute strongest wall possible.

Structural Precast Anchor Blocks
Precast Anchor Blocks

We manufacture a range of precast anchor blocks suitable for construction or marine installations. Made to order based on your exact needs and specifications, our CPCQA-certified Precast Anchor Blocks offer the strength you need with fast installation and affordability that you can trust.