Utility Precast

Precast concrete offers dependability and flexibility when you need it the most

Utility precast concrete offers trusted durability, predictable budgeting, and speed of installation that simply cannot be beat. From large tower footings to oil containment curbs and pipeline weights, we have the utility precast products that you need to get the job done. 

Utility Pipelines Ready for Installation
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Utility Precast Utility Vaults
Utility Vaults

Multicrete offers a complete range of underground Utility Vaults for any need. Commonly used for electrical, gas, and communication projects, precast Utility Vaults offer protection and easy access to costly equipment. Made to your specifications, Multicrete Precast Utility Vaults are rugged and durable, ensuring that your vital connection points are safe for years to come.

Our in-house engineering and design teams can also customize your precast Hollowcore products to exact thickness requirements and can engineer each piece to account for jobsite blockouts and architectural connection points.

Utility Precast Oil Containment Curbs
Oil Containment Curbs

Multicrete Precast is a leader in making custom-designed oil containment curbs for energy and utility installations. Buried underground to ensure containment of potential spills, each curb is sealed with a neoprene gasket to ensure no leakage between sections. With the ability to produce curbs anywhere from 18” to 12ft high – and of any length – you can trust Multicrete Precast to provide the right solution for your environmental safety needs.

Utility Precast Concrete Cable Trench
Precast Cable Trench

Precast Cable Trenches offer the ultimate protection for electrical cable and piping. Built to offer easy access for inspections, maintenance, or expansion, Precast Cable Trench is the most flexible and secure solution available. Plus, Precast Cable Trenches can be outfitted with a range of accessories including cable management, drainage, dividers, and even leak containment for fuel or chemical piping. Options for heavy-traffic weight bearing designs are also available.

Utility Precast Boat Launch
Boat Ramps

Quality Precast Boat Ramps offer decades of trusted traction and support for marine installations. Made with a mix of cast and prestressed elements, Boat Ramps and Launches are an economical solution that can typically be delivered and installed ready-to-use on the same day.

Need a specific size and length of Boat Ramp? Our team of engineers and CAD designers can create a unique set of planks, ramps, and launches that match your specific location and needs.

Utility Precast Concrete Crush Blocks
Crush Blocks

Used in mining projects for tunnel stabilization, crush bocks are an important safety element for ensuring smooth operation and early detection of movement and erosion issues. Made to your specific tunnel depth, strength, and weight displacement needs, Multicrete Precast crush blocks provide confidence that your operation and team will remain safe throughout the life of your project.

Precast Concrete Pipeline Weights
Pipeline Weights

Precast Pipeline Weights are a proven choice for stabilizing pipelines laid across tundra, wetlands, rivers, as well as inland and offshore water bodies. Multicrete Precast offers several options for Pipeline Weights.

Utility Precast Concrete Tower Footings
Tower Footings

Multicrete Precast tower footings allow for quick and secure installation of large equipment such as utility towers, power lines, and even wind turbines. Made to your specifications and ready for installation right when you need them, precast tower footings are especially good for projects where speed, flexibility, and longevity are key concerns.