Standard Precast

Your one-stop-shop for standard precast products

From major government projects to residential and commercial developments, Multicrete Precast has the products you need to keep your project (and traffic) flowing smoothly. From moveable barriers to long-term retaining walls and more, our Standard Precast Elements are always ready when you need them.
Standard Precast Concrete Blocks Feature
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Standard Precast Concrete Curb
Traffic Control

We offer a full range of Precast Traffic Control products for projects of any size including sign posts, parking curbs, Sonotube parking lot lighting bases, signal bases, junction/service boxes, standing pads, MMCD bases, media bases and more.

Standard Precast Concrete Traffic Control
Precast Barriers

Precast concrete barriers are a staple of the transportation and traffic control industries for decades. Our standard Precast Barriers meet specifications for highway construction as well as Public Works Canada regulations. We also have a ready stock of bullnoses, transitions, drainage barriers, pier barriers, and bridge parapets so you don’t need to go procure resources elsewhere.

Standard Precast Concrete Blocks
Lock Blocks

For Safety Barriers, Highway Projects, Surface and Underground Applications Multicrete MULTIbloks are portable, stackable, and cost effective precast concrete blocks.

The locking top pattern ensures secure joints while a stackable inter-locking design ensures a secure and safe structure.

Precast Concrete Shoring Panels
Shoring Panels

Shoring panels offer a cost-effective alternative to formed-in-place or reinforced walls. Paired with steel or concrete piles, Shoring Panels are able to maintain a precise layout through a self-aligning design while offering exceptional durability, strength, noise barrier, and weather resistant properties.